Wednesday, October 25, 2006


During the first class, Xavier showed slides of his work and talked about his process. His love of subcultures and the people involved in them has led him to unusual people and interesting stories. Below are some of the works that he showed us in class.

This is a part of a photo series that Xavier created depicting parents and their children. You can check out more of this series here.

This is from a photo series of luchadores. Click here to see more of this series.

From a series of latino punk rock kids, queens, and gang members. Go here for more photos in this series.

After we looked at the slides, Xavier showed us his most recent video work. His inspiration for the first video project, Trafficking, came when he found holes cut into the walls overlooking the freeway. Using the wall as a stangnant projection screen, Xavier projected images of things that could be trafficked (drugs, humans, guns to name a few) over the cut out hole that created a window of speeding cars on the freeway.

The second video (the inspiration for the class) is a document of a projection on Lake Street of Xavier spraying painting a stencil in his studio. Was appears to be a man in the act of graffiti, is actually a projection of Xaiver spray painting in the studio.


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