Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The class is going really well. Most of the projects are off the ground and running. We are looking forward to projecting these on buildings outside on Monday.

Click on the photo to get the video.

This is Vlad's back up video. He is going to continue working on his 2-D/3-D projection. Vlad, you might want to check into how holograms work.

Maddy and Claire collaborated on this piece. Do you guys have locations in mind for this projection. Perhaps a government building downtown? Buildings on Lake Street?

Monica created a video of herself shadowboxing. When we project the video Monica will attempt to fight the projection.

James created this stencil of windmills. He wants to project the video on the side of a parking garage or a place where there are a lot of cars. Obviously James is interested in highlighting sustainable energy as an alternative to cars and non-renewable resources.

Bailey choreographed this dance among the trees. She wants to project it on a government building downtown. She is really interested in juxtaposing nature and the city/peace and war.


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