Thursday, October 26, 2006

DAY #2

Yesterday we visited the Walker’s new exhibition Heart of Darkness (HOD). HOD features the work of Ellen Gallagher, Thomas Hirschhorn, and Kai Althoff. Here are some links for you to check out.

We also talked about ideas that the class was interested in. James talked about a public project that he created featuring humans devolving into monkeys presented over the 94 tunnel. Lauren is interested in creating an urban legend/myth. Vlad wants to create a projection that appears to be 3-D. Nicholas said that he is inspired by a recent Sigur Ros video. Hayleigh wants to do something with projection on water or the appearance of walking on water. Bailey expressed the desire to make a politically/socially involved movie. Hopefully I listed the majority of the ideas presented. Anyway, please start thinking about what you want to do and bring your ideas to Monday’s class.

Enjoy the links.

Ellen Gallagher

This is the film installation featuring the Super Boo (the blonde monster horror film) and Murmur: Watery Ecstatic (based on the mythical Black Atlantis). Make sure to poke around on the Art 21 website. and click on all the interactive features – there is a slide show & process feature – both worthwhile.

Thomas Hirschhorn

Cavemanman is the winding cave that leads through what appears to be a combination of a library and a shrine to pop culture.

If you have time check out the Artist Talk where Hirschhorn talks about his project Musée Précaire Albinet (the Precarious Museum of Albinet). Some of us talked about this project –Hirschhorn and the community built a museum out of cardboard and packing tape in a depressed neighborhood in Paris. Hirschhorn managed to work out a deal with Centre Pompidou to exhibit the works of Duchamp, Malevich, Beuys, Warhol, Dali, and Mondrian. Million dollar works of art shown in a shabby shack!

Some of you guys were interested in how the cave was built – check out this article about the installation.

Kai Althoff

Althoff’s work is the installation that looks like a thrift store explosion. His work is filled with sexually charged imagery, real body fluids, and references to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, a Germany filmmaker whose films often featured openly gay characters.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


During the first class, Xavier showed slides of his work and talked about his process. His love of subcultures and the people involved in them has led him to unusual people and interesting stories. Below are some of the works that he showed us in class.

This is a part of a photo series that Xavier created depicting parents and their children. You can check out more of this series here.

This is from a photo series of luchadores. Click here to see more of this series.

From a series of latino punk rock kids, queens, and gang members. Go here for more photos in this series.

After we looked at the slides, Xavier showed us his most recent video work. His inspiration for the first video project, Trafficking, came when he found holes cut into the walls overlooking the freeway. Using the wall as a stangnant projection screen, Xavier projected images of things that could be trafficked (drugs, humans, guns to name a few) over the cut out hole that created a window of speeding cars on the freeway.

The second video (the inspiration for the class) is a document of a projection on Lake Street of Xavier spraying painting a stencil in his studio. Was appears to be a man in the act of graffiti, is actually a projection of Xaiver spray painting in the studio.
This blog is a place for students and teachers in the Guerrilla Cinema: Film in the Street workshop to post comments, list resources, and gather inspiration.

Here's the general write up of the class:

Artist Xavier Tavera roams Lake Street projecting images of himself spray painting political stencils on the wall. What appears to be illegal, is legal, but begs the question, “what activities happen on the street that go undetected?” Graffiti, homelessness, or skateboarding - use these as subjects or come up with your own subjects to project. Work with Tavera to create films to project outdoors and learn about artists working with film in the public eye. Check out an article about Tavera in the July 12th City Pages.